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Let us craft a book curated to what you want to read. You tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll handle the rest.

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We receive writing of all kinds. Your input helps find the next piece to publish.


These pieces follow a specific theme, paired with exclusive artwork.


Compiled into a paperback book, new writing is delivered for your reading pleasure.

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What People Are Saying

Each piece is 100% quality and unique

(think Milk & Honey) from undiscovered writers every two months.

I’m not one for short stories and poems normally but I really did enjoy this!

So excited to devour this

Shoutout @12pointco for crafting up this beautiful publication

When I’m not In the studio I’m picking up awesome pieces of literature like this

This is their first edition, and so far I am loving the work they included!

Lots of diversity & poems and I cannot wait to talk about it!

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