The best short stories, essays, and poems, paired with exclusive artwork, printed in a paperback book.

This is what the subscribers of Twelve Point Collective receive every two months. That’s six issues year-round, each catered to a new theme and delivered to their doorsteps.

Founded by Madison Flanders and Jered Dowden, Twelve Point Collective was made out of a desire to promote great-undiscovered writing. Their passion came from a lack of publicity for contemporary writers. Like all great ideas, it started with two people sitting on their living room floor.

“I remember Jered was annoying the shit out of me about it. He just kept repeating over and over, I want to do something creative. I want to create! Meanwhile, I’m over here trying to watch season 3 of The Office for the third time.

Due to the amount of Amazon Prime boxes in our kitchen, he knew my book addiction was verging on the unhealthy. Naturally, writing was the first thing he thought of when trying to spark my interest in his quest for creativity.

I started thinking of my entire book buying experience.

I buy books frequently and am often disappointed with the outcome. I realized the biggest problem with a lot of my book choices: I actually don’t like many of them.

Whether it’s poetry, short stories, personal essays, or novels, I consistently counted on Amazon recommendations, which more often than not aren’t spot on with my taste. I often found myself wishing that I didn’t have to go through hundreds of goodreads reviews to find the quality writing I was looking for.

After Jered pried this complaint from me we realized what we had to do.”

— Madison Flanders

Writing should be an organic experience, from written concept to the final reader. Madison and Jered hope to bring forward a new generation of writers by leveling the playing field.

Everyone has a story to tell with the potential to become a writer. With Twelve Point Collective, there exists a platform for anyone to start a portfolio. Through its subscription service, more and more readers can come into contact with authentic and tasteful stories to expand their library.