Welcome to our list of frequently asked questions. If your question isn’t answered here, you can always ask us yourself using the contact page.


Getting Started

How do I start?

You can start a subscription (bimonthly or annually), here.

How much is shipping?

Shipping to any of the 50 states in the US is free. Shipping varies on our end.
We thought it’d be easier to just include it in the price.
We want to ship to everyone, we’re working on it. Let us know if you’re tired of waiting!

How does the subscription work?

You start a subscription, here.
You choose to be billed bimonthly or annually.
Then you’ll receive a new issue to your doorstep every other month.


How do I cancel? Let me out of here!

We want everyone to give new writers a chance, but you always have the option to cancel.
If it’s too expensive, or don’t enjoy the content, send us hate mail.

On the account page you can view your active subscriptions, select one, and cancel it.
Cancel before the 30th (or 28th in February) so you’re not charged for the upcoming issue.

Why am I being charged $17.11 instead of $15.99 or $96.29 instead of $89.99?

We charge 7% sales tax in our home state (Florida). We don’t like doing it but we have to.

When will I be charged?

Your card’s charged when you first place an order, and will continue every 60 days. We’ll send an email ahead of time to keep you up-to-date.

When does my subscription end?

To avoid interruption, your subscription is open until you cancel (If you’d like to cancel, read here).
It’ll automatically renew, either bimonthly or annually.

The same payment method you used to sign up with will be charged. Cancel and start a new plan to change payment.
We’ll notify you before your subscription renews.

Can I subscribe if I’m outside the United States?

Yes! We’ve recently opened shipping to Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia, and other countries.

Shipping and Returns

Where’s my book?

We send each issue around the 30th of the month (28th for February).
You won’t be charged until then. Check your email, you’ll receive one upon shipment.

What’s your return policy?

We’ll accept returns for a full refund if your book was damaged in the mail.
Just be sure to return it within 7 days from the date of delivery.
We’ll want to see a picture of the book and its packaging to make sure it doesn’t happen again.


When will I hear back re: my submission?

We review hundreds of submissions for each issue, its overwhelming for the few of us here! That means we can’t respond to each piece of work. However, writers will know within 2 weeks after submissions close if they’ve been accepted.

How do you compensate writers?

We aren’t able to provide money for submissions, we’re just not there yet.
What we offer is the opportunity to be published, for free, and to have those publications distributed.
We distribute those publications to engaged readers specifically searching for the next great writers.
Our goal is to establish a platform for writers of any kind to pursue their passion.